What are your hours of operation?

Front counter services are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Can I register a boat?

Not at an Alberta Registry Agent. Please contact 1-800-267-6687

Where can I find more information from the Alberta Government?

Where can I find more information from the Association of Alberta Registry Agents?

Corporate Registry

What is the cost to register an incorporation?

$425.00 for Incorporation, and $52.50 for a NUANS Report (required for a named incorporation).

What is the cost to register a tradename or partnership?

$45.00 for a Tradename or Partnership Declaration.

Motor Vehicles

When will my vehicle registration expire?

Vehicle registrations expire on an assigned month, based on your surname or company name.  Your vehicle registration will expire at midnight on the last day of the specified month in the chart found here:

What qualifies as proof of residency in Alberta?

Proof of residency is required when someone is new to Alberta and they are attempting to obtain a driver’s license or register their vehicle.  Any client requiring motor vehicle and/or driver license services in Alberta must satisfy identification requirements, and . . . upon first arriving to Alberta, must also satisfy residency requirements.  For more about identification please visit the Government of Alberta’s website here:

Some examples of Alberta residency documents (this is not an all-inclusive list) are: Paystubs showing the client’s name and Alberta address, utility bill, telephone bill, gas bill, cable TV bill, cell phone bill (must be current within the last 90 days).  Other items include (must also show client’s name and Alberta address) but CANNOT be produced in an electronic format: Bank statement, credit card statement, Alberta Social Benefit Statement or cheque, other financial type statement, income tax assessment summary (must be current within the last 90 days).

More options: Residential lease agreement showing residential address, written confirmation of Alberta employment including contact name and telephone number (must be current within the last 15 days), written confirmation from an educational institution in Alberta indicating dependents are attending school full time, copy of Land Title (does not include rental properties, client must physically reside at the location).  If you cannot produce residency documentation there is an “exception” process.

Can I use my smart-phone or other electronic device to show a Registry Office my stuff?

Policy has been updated to allow a Registry client to now produce valid insurance electronically (by smart phone/device) when registering for the first time or renewing registration of a vehicle.  However, legislation still requires that the client produce the inter-provincial insurance card (pink card) upon request by law enforcement.  Policy now allows for the acceptance of an electronic paystub, as well as an electronic version of any utility statement as proof of residency in Alberta.  Clients may display this information with a smart phone/device to a Registry Agent or print the residency document and bring it with them to a Registry location.

All documents presented to support Alberta residency must show the client’s name and Alberta address (whether they are originals, computer printed statement or electronically displayed).  Documents must also be current (not older than 90 days).  Please view the FAQ on Alberta residency for more information about qualifiying documents.

How can I obtain my driver abstract when I no longer live in Alberta or I am away from Alberta?

You will need to do one of the following:

1.) Have someone I know attend an Alberta Registry office in person and request my abstract for me.

This person is acting as a third party requestor and needs to attend a Registry Agent office with the following two forms completed.  This third party individual will also be required to produce their own acceptable identification and make payment.

2.) Apply for my own abstract

This can be a more difficult procedure, it involves mailing in the original notarized request form as well as mailing in a notarized copy of acceptable identification.  You will then need to arrange payment and delivery with the Registry Agent who processes your request.

Mailing address:

11648 – 104 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 2T7

For more information on drivers and motor vehicles in Alberta please visit Service Alberta.

What is the cost of Basic Road test?

$93.00 (30 minutes) Monday to Saturday. Can only be booked in-person or online at

What is the cost of an Advanced Road test?

$143.00 (1 hour) These are available Monday to Saturday. Can only be booked in-person or online at

Can I book a Class 6 road test; if so, how much does it cost?

Yes, they are $153.00. (1 hour).  These are available Monday to Friday, and every third Saturday. Can only be booked in-person or online at

Can I write the Class 7 on paper?

No, you must use the computer UNLESS all testing stations are occupied.  Exception: If an oral exam was booked

How much does it cost to replace a lost registration or licence?

It would cost $28.00.

How long does it take to get your license in the mail?

It takes about 7-14 business days.

What is required to change a name on a Driver's Licence back to maiden name?

You will need your birth certificate, passport or marriage certificate.

Can I get a letter stating I have no outstanding fines?

No, we do not provide that service.  You will need to contact the court house at 780-427-4724.

What documents are needed to renew your Driver's Licence?

You need to bring in your driver’s licence and a secondary piece of ID (AHC, Birth Certificate, Passport, Major bill or bank statements with name and address within last 3 months).

What do I need to transfer my OOP Driver's Licence?

You need a Birth Certificate or Passport, your OOP Licence and proof of Alberta residency. ($93.00).

What do I need to register a vehicle imported into Canada?

You will need to provide an Inspection report from Customs (Vehicle Import Form from Transport Canada), proof of ownership, proof of ALBERTA insurance and OOP inspection

What do I need to register a used vehicle from Out of Province?

You will need proof of ownership (usually old registration statement), OOP Inspection and proof of ALBERTA insurance.  The form must be picked up at a Registry as it is VIN specific.

What do I need to register a new vehicle?

You will need your driver’s licence, Bill of Sale, NVIS, and your insurance papers.  If there are two people on the Bill of Sale, both need to come in or a letter of consent is needed from the person who is not here.  If it’s not a brand new vehicle, there will be no NVIS.  ($93.00 for 12 months; pro-rated depending on your expiration date)

What is the cost to renew your registration?

$93.00 for 1 year, but it can vary depending on when your registration expires.