Search Services

Since the Alberta Government privatized most Registry services in 1993, Land Titles search services have been available throughout the Alberta Registry Agent Network.

The following are the most popular services we provide:

  • Land Title Search
  • Historical Title Search
  • Certified Copy of Title
  • Condominium Additional Sheet
  • Copies of Survey Plans
  • Copies of Document
  • Tax Search – Edmonton & Calgary
  • Tax Certificate – Edmonton & Calgary
  • Tax Search – Other Municipality
  • Tax Certificate – Other Municipality
  • Out-of-Province Searches and Registrations
Deed / certificate with currency

Registration Services

Currently, the submission of documents for registration (i.e. transfers, mortgages and other encumbrances) is a manual process with the Alberta Government.  Documents must be submitted directly to one of two Alberta Land Titles Offices.

For further information on submitting your land registration in Alberta, please see: