What is the Personal Property Registry (PPR)?

The Personal Property Registry, together with the Land Titles Offices, form the Property Registration Branch of the Alberta Government’s Municipal Affairs / Registries Department. The Registry provides registration and search system for interests in personal property. It is created under Part 4 of the Personal Property Security Act.

Why Register an Interest?

Certain interests in personal property must be registered in the Personal Property Registry (P.P.R.) to avoid possible loss or subordination of the interest to another person. This would give that other person a better legal right to the property. Registration also enables a person to discover the existence of your interest to prevent unnecessary legal conflicts.

Note:  It is very important to keep in mind that registration in the Personal Property Registry does not guarantee priority over all other interests. It is, however, a necessary step to protect yourself.

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What can you Register?

The interests that can be registered are:

  • Security interests under the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA). (These are interests that secure payment or performance of an obligation. This also includes leases for a term of more than one year, transfers of accounts or chattel paper and consignments.)
  • The interest of a buyer of goods, where the goods are left in the possession of the seller, (Sale of Goods Act s.27(1.1) and Factors Act s.8(2) )
  • The interest of an execution creditor under a Writ of Enforcement
  • The interest of a spouse entitled to possession of household goods or a mobile home under Matrimonial Property Act and Maintenance Enforcement Act
  • A garageman’s lien under the Garagemen’s Lien Act
  • A workers’ Compensation Board charge under the Workers’ Compensation Act, and
  • A railway mortgage deed registration under the Railway Act.

What are Examples of Collateral or Personal or Property Interest that can be Registered?

1.  Serial Numbered Collateral:

  • AC Aircraft – Canada ( Aircraft Registered in Canada)
  • AF Aircraft – Foreign ( Aircraft not Registered in Canada)
  • BO Boat
  • MH Mobile Home
  • MV Motor Vehicle
  • OM Outboard Motor for Boat
  • TR Trailer

2.   General Collateral:

  • i.e.: Office or Non-Office Equipment (i.e., computers, printers, machines, alarms, etc.), supplies
  • furnishings and other non-serial numbered collateral or personal property.
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Other Resources

The Alberta Government Services web pages contain excellent information about requirements and further details for Personal Property Registry.

Here are some helpful links:
Main Page – http://www.servicealberta.ca/