Vital Statistics

Service Alberta’s website contains all required forms here:

Vital Statistics Forms

If you are a resident of Alberta then your request for Vital Statistics certificates must be made in person at a Licensed Alberta Registry Agent office.



If you cannot attend a Registry because you reside outside of Alberta then you must make your request through the Alberta Registry Connect office.

Instructions, forms and the web page are located here.

Corporate Registry

Our website contains most Corporate Registry forms.

Corporate Registry Forms


Requests by Email or Fax

Although we typically require you to attend our offices for Corporate Registry services if you prefer you may make your request by email or fax.  If you are emailing or faxing in your request then in addition to completing the required Corporate Registry forms we would require you to complete the public request form below and provide payment by credit card.

Corporate Searches Request Form

Corporate Filing Request Form

Motor Vehicles

Service Alberta’s web page contains some commonly used Motor Vehicle forms.  Please be aware that almost all Motor Vehicle services require you to attend an Alberta Registry Agents office.

Motor Vehicle Forms

Vehicle Registration Letter of Authorization

Bill of Sale

Medical Examination for Motor Vehicle Operators

Land Titles

Oliver Square Registries currently provides only search services from Land Titles to the general public, this area of this web page is being updated.

Service Alberta’s Web Page contains both the LTO manual and forms (under Appendices) for registration services at Land Titles.

Land Titles Forms

Personal Property Forms

Our website contains most Personal Property Registry forms.

Personal Property Registry Forms

All others may be found at Service Alberta’s Web Page