Registry Services

At our Registry, Oliver Square Registries (formerly KVP Registry Services) acts as an accredited service provider and Agent for Alberta Registries, providing Motor Vehicle and other Alberta Registries products since 1993.

Services Include:

  • Motor vehicle licensing, registration & renewals
  • All classes of written & road tests
  • Drivers’ abstracts
  • Name searches and NUANS
  • Commissioners for Oaths
  • Corporate registration & searches
  • Vital statistics certificates & registrations (birth, marriage, death certificates and marriage licensing)
  • Personal property lien searches & registrations
  • Land title and tax searching
  • and many other services for public and professional!

Awards History

The Alberta Chamber of Commerce and Premier Ralph Klein presented an Alberta Business Award of Distinction to KVP Registration Services Ltd. in 1994.  The award stated, “In recognition of being a finalist in the Business Service category of the 1994 Alberta Business Awards of Distinction, and in recognition of your company’s investment in the continued economic prosperity and diversification of the Province of Alberta.”

Every year since 2007 (2007-2015), KVP Registry has been the recipient of the Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence.  We strive to be at the forefront of our industry, and hope to be the recipients of many future awards.