Driver Knowledge Tests

The Registrar of Motor Vehicles has extended the expiration of the following driver knowledge test results:

  • Class 1 to 4:  Knowledge test results expiring between March 1, 2020 to and Sept. 20, 2020 – 180 days past the original date of expiry.
  • Class 6:  Knowledge test results expiring between March 1, 2020 to and Sept. 20, 2020 – 365 days past the original date of expiry.

Road Tests

All Albertans who want to take a driver’s road test can now book online as the province continues to open up the economy and access to personal protective equipment (PPE) increases.

Information about road tests and required health protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 can be found at All drivers will have to follow these procedures, including signing an Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability document in front of the registry agent.

We are experiencing increased online scheduling requests so drivers are encouraged to check back regularly if they are having problems connecting with us.

Rebook or reschedule a road test

Protocols are in place, including the use of PPE, to allow road tests to take place in a safe manner that helps prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Medical Evaluations

Alberta Transportation has extended the timeline to 90 days for most drivers requiring a medical evaluation to provide their completed medical form when applying for or renewing their licence.

This will reduce the current strain on the healthcare system. Medically, high risk drivers will still be required to present their medical evaluation at the time of their application or renewal.

Services Available Remotely

To limit the number of Albertans who need to visit registry agents in person, corporate registry services, personal property services, and select motor vehicle services, such as vehicle registration renewals and replacement or cancellation of driver’s licences, are now being offered remotely. These services are available by secure email, phone, fax, or mail.

The following registry services are available through alternate delivery methods:

  • All corporate registry services (available by email or fax)
  • All personal property registry services (available by email or fax)
  • Select motor vehicles services (available by email with secure encryption, telephone, fax, or mail)
    • Driver’s Licences:
      • One-year Renewal (with existing photo)
      • Replacement
      • Re-class
      • Exchange (address change)
      • Condition Code maintenance
      • Cancellation
      • Provide audit control number (barcode number on the licence – sometimes required to access services online that require identification)
    • Identification Cards
      • One-year Renewal (with existing photo)
      • Replacement
      • Cancellation
    • Vehicle Registrations:
      • One-year Renewal (with no changes)
      • Duplicate registration certificate
      • Replacement expiry date sticker on licence plate
      • Exchange licence plate
      • Transfer registration to a new vehicle
      • Cancellation
      • Specialty plate order (Support our Troops, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers)
    • Other:
      • Driver’s abstract
      • Vehicle Information Report
      • Payment on account, including fine payments
      • In-transit permits
      • Appeal applications for Alberta Transportation Safety Board

Please submit requests by:

Phone:  780-408-2000
Fax:  780-482-2244

Or send by mail to:

Oliver Square Registries Ltd.
11648 – 104 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 2T7


There are some services that registry agents cannot process remotely, and therefore require in-person service, including:

  • New driver’s licence or ID card applications
  • Driver’s licence and ID card renewals requiring an updated photo
  • Vital Statistics services, such as ordering birth or death certificates