Business Corporations Act

Most Commonly Used:
REG3016 Notice of Address or Notice of Change of Address
REG3017 Notice of Directors or Notice of Change of Directors
REG3037 Notice of Agent for Service or Notice of Change of Agent for Service
REG3062 Annual Return
REG3047 Articles of Incorporation
REG3054 Articles of Amendment
REG3038 Articles of Dissolution

REG3037 Notice of Attorney for Service or Change of Attorney/Alternative Attorney
REG3039 Articles of Continuance
REG3040 Articles of Reorganization
REG3055 Statement of Extra-Provincial Registration
REG3056 Notice of Change of Address of Attorney or Alternate Attorney
REG3059 Articles of Arrangement
REG3060 Articles of Revival
REG3067 Restated Articles of Incorporation
REG3068 Articles of Amalgamation
REG3070 Statement of Intent to Dissolve/Revocation of Intent to Dissolve
REG3071 Notice of Change of Extra-Provincial Corporation Head Office
REG3072 Statement of Extra-Provincial Amalgamation
REG3073 Notice of English/French Name Equivalency/Cancellation of Name Equivalency
REG3074 Notice of Extra-Provincial Corporation Adoption/Change/Cancellation of Assumed Name
REG3220 Notice of Change of Address of Director(s)

Partnership Act

Most Commonly Used:
REG3018 Declaration of Trade Name
REG3097 Declaration of Partnership

REG3035 Declaration of Dissolution of Partnership
REG3057 Declaration of Ceasing to Carry on Business Under a Trade Name
REG3058 Amendment to Declaration of Partnership
REG3408 Declaration of Address Change

Societies Act

Most Commonly Used:
REG3088 Application to Form a Society
REG0022 Notice of Address for Societies or Notice of Change of Address for Societies
Society Bylaws
Corporate Registry Service Request